The Project ​​​​​​​
On the 8th – 29th September 2012, Brisbane Festival presented an exciting program of music, theatre, dance, comedy, opera, circus, cabaret, lasers, fireworks and more. As part of this experience was the Brisbane Festival 2012 Android app which was provided free and allowed the audiences to get up to date information, time, and locations on upcoming events.

My Role
For this project my role was Senior Android Developer and Designer and I was completely responsible for the implementation of the native android version of the Brisbane Festival App from the ground up through to release whilst doing graphic design specific to the android version. 

The UI was designed by our Lead Designer, David Byrne and I worked closely with him to ensure the usability, UI and UX was compatible with the Android OS. As part of this was generating all the Android specific assets and integrating them into the app as required. 

The Team
Client: Brisbane Festival
Creative Director: Kevin Finn
Design Agency: Bigf!sh
Lead Designer: David Byrne
Android Developer + Designer: Marty Portier
Backend Developer: Adam Royle

The Festival Feed
+ Dynamic Event Map

The festival feed, which works much like a Facebook timeline. Auto-generated, it shows live posts from the Brisbane Festival Facebook and Twitter pages, photos from the gallery, displays Facebook friends’ check ins at festival events and events taking place on the day. It also recommends matching hotels and restaurants to users.

A dynamic map that indicates all the festival locations across the city, as well as partner hotels and restaurants. It lets users enter their own location to find out what is nearby, and lets them search the map by date, to see what is happening where on what day. Proximity alerts notified users located near a venue when a certain performance might start. This feature utilised Google Maps and had custom overlays, balloons and on-click functionality as well as custom overlay filtering ie. the ability to filter visible overlays for hotels, venues & restaurants. 
Left: Brisbane Festival Feed  
Right: Dynamic Map showing venues, hotels, restaurants


The app had a custom built check in feature that gives users the opportunity to directly check in to Brisbane Festival venues and events and share it on Facebook to connect with their friends.

An integrated QR code reader that allow users to scan QR codes positioned throughout the city to get a sneak peek of what is happening at specific locations during the festival. This feature used a 3rd party QR code scanner library that worked with the apps camera system.
Top Left: Check in - venue selection 
Top Right: Check in - show selection
Bottom Left: Check in - Share 
Bottom Right: QR Code Scanner

Blending Tool

A custom built photo capture and blending tool that lets users take photos of themselves and their festival experience and apply a blend mode that creates a multiple exposure photo in the style of this year’s festival branding. This feature required the implementation of a camera system from the ground up and implementing blending techniques such as that used in Adobe Photoshop eg. Multiply, Opacity, Screen.
Users can then share the image on the online gallery or via Instagram and Facebook.
Top Left: Photos Carousel Menu  - Take a photo 
Top Right: Photos Carousel Menu - Online Gallery
Middle Left: Take multiple photos with custom camera tool
Middle Right: Blend photos using Multiply, Opacity or Screen etc.
Bottom Left: Publish & share photo 
Bottom Right: Online photo gallery

Left: Splash Screen 
Right: Login Screen

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